• One Bedroom Apartments in Clearfield, UT

    One Bedroom Apartment Organization

    10 Tips To One Bedroom Apartment Organization. If you are looking for the perfect one bedroom apartment organization plan, consider starting small and working your way up to the larger projects. A few simple tips will get you on the way to home organization at its finest. Tip 1: Use a flatware tray for utensils […]

  • Apartments in Clearfield, UT large dog

    Renting An Apartment With Pets

    Things To Consider When Renting An Apartment With Pets When you are looking into renting an apartment with pets and you have a dog or a cat, you may find the apartments available are few and in between. Many property owners today do not want to rent their properties to owners of pets. The reason […]

  • Two Bedroom Apartments in Clearfield, UT

    A Comfortable Two Bedroom Apartment

    A Comfortable Two Bedroom Apartment   When renters make a comfortable two bedroom apartment start their projects they think of fabrics and paint colors, furniture and flooring, texture and lighting. They head to a  decorating store and look at area rug samples, compare prices, study the specs on light fixtures, and borrow wallpaper sample books. […]

  • Pets and Apartments

    Pets and Apartments

    Mix? If you’re a pet owner who is considering a move to an pet friendly apartment there are certain things you must be keep in mind. First, whether or not your pet will be accepted by most landlords depends primarily on the type, size and personality of your pet. Dogs If you own a large […]